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October 9th Holiday


Leif Erikson was the Viking that was the first European to set foot in North America. Although Christopher Columbus has made this his claim to fame, it was Leif that deserves the honor. To Christopher’s credit, he was the first to establish a colony in North America. Leif just came, looked around and left. Apparently he didn’t see anything worth noting. Leif Erikson Day was made into an official holiday in 1964 by President Johnson. The date was picked for its connection to the first organized immigration from Norway to the United States. It does not have any direct connection to Leif personally. Since this day was spent entirely in our vehicle driving home, I did not really celebrate this holiday in any particular way. I attempted to do some research on Leif, but to be honest I didn’t find anything too thrilling to report. So, Leif, I know you were a super duper awesome Viking explorer and for that I salute you. Maybe next year I can dress up like a Viking, or at least root on the Minnesota Vikings (they did actually win their game this day, I checked it out). I do like their uniforms the best…they’re purple!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


So, we had Badminton Day awhile ago and I did not do too well with learning that one. Well, chess wasn’t any better for me. I have never ever learned how to play chess. I have never really had a desire too either. It appears that I do not have a penchant for old school board games. I decided I would attempt to learn something about chess today in order to celebrate the holiday properly. Need to learn how to play chess? Guess what? There’s an app for that. Actually there are several dozen apps for that. I picked a free one and went on my way to becoming a chess master:

After 49 pages of this tutorial, I have learned about all of the different pieces. I have also learned how they move, some simple strategies and the overall basic premise of chess. Does this make me prepared to play a real game? No. Hell no. I am just as confused as ever. I can’t remember what each piece is supposed to do and don’t even get me started on attempting to comprehend the various strategies. Wow, I really do have a mental block about this stuff! I have to say that my lack of interest most likely has something to do with it as well. The positive thing that came out of this holiday was me realizing that I have zero patience for certain things. At least I know that about myself now, right? I am willing to learn still. I always will keep an open mind to learning new things. Maybe I should ask my nephew, Cameron, to teach me. He’s a chess genius. I have a feeling he would become rather annoyed with me pretty quickly. Oh boy, I’m now that old relative that can’t catch on to things…29 is killing me so far…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Spongebob celebrating Leif Erikson Day…at least someone appreciates it!

P.S. – There are about 48 different ways of spelling Erikson, Ericsson, Erickson, Erikson…..