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I am slacking on this blog; I missed a week already. After my geocaching date mix-up, everything got all disorganized. In my defense, August is not a super thrilling holiday month. Even the site where I go to find all of the holidays pointed out this factoid. I did actually celebrate TWO monthly holidays last week, but they were both quite lame – Panini Month and National Cupcake Day. I was desperately trying to find something fun and cool to celebrate, but instead I just have a bunch of pictures of me and the kiddos eating food. No one wants/needs to see that, especially after all the food holidays I celebrated in my first year with this blog. B-O-R-I-N-G.  So, for this post I am celebrating a much more fantastic personal holiday:

Baby Leo’s First Birthday!!!! 

Not too much explaining to do for this one, so away we go!

On Leo’s actual birthday we took a trip to Maybury Farm.

Checking out the sheep…not so sure about him.

Rich and Roman with the crazy llama. He was making weird noises so we got out of there before he decided to take a bite out of one of our children.

Me and my boys.

Daddy and his dudes.

Easy rider.

Birthday party day! Leo and Grandma.

Opening gifts with his little helpers, Roman and Brooklyn.

Cake time!

My dad’s birthday is the day after Leo’s, so we will forever be smooshing their celebrations together. I love this picture; so funny!

We love our baby boy!

Alright, party’s over.