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June 29th Holiday


Since I am late in posting this entry, I am taking a little bit of liberty and including some pictures I took over the past couple days. That’s the nice thing about being master of this domain, I can play by whatever rules I want! Also, this is my second to last holiday so I figured I would include a bunch of pictures as a sort of last hurrah. Here is a pictorial review of the past few days of my life, luckily I had a lot of fun stuff going on so they aren’t too boring!

Me having fun starting today’s holiday at work:

Okay, I know this next one is a really crappy picture, but let me explain. My coworker won tickets to see Magic Mike with a local morning radio show. This is a pic of Jay Towers from 100.3 and the rest of the morning crew introducing the movie. Although we got there quite early, we were at the VERY top because all the crazy 60 year olds (yes, there were a lot of them in there…) got there even earlier and snatched up all the good seats. Side note – I loved the movie! Not just because of the hot guys taking their clothes off, it had a good plot that was actually much better than I expected. But yeah, the male stripping wasn’t all that bad either 🙂

Michigan/Maryland Girl Posse hangout night:

Ava and Roman – The Betrothed:

Roman and Nataleigh having fun at the Toledo Zoo:

Mommies and babies:

Daddies and babies:

The Nagle Family:

This one has been weeks in the making, literally! My pal, Karri, has taken it upon herself to document my growing baby bump. She has been diligent about tracking my progress every week. She sent me this nifty montage and I thought today was a perfect day to share it with everyone. We like to joke about how my bump seems to get bigger or smaller looking depending on what shirt I am wearing, so some weeks I look smaller than the previous pic. She swears they are all in order though! Thanks, Karri!

I love having pictures to look back on fun times. I am thankful for this blog because it allowed me to basically record an entire year of my life as well as the life of Mr. Roman. That is something that I can always have now and he can look back at this when he grows up and see how crazy his mom really was!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 

Song of the Day:

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P.S. – I really won’t remember if I don’t take a picture.