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Ahh, women’s friendship is a complicated matter. Women are fickle creatures. We like what we like and we dislike everything else….with a passion. I know I have written about this topic before and I always go back to the point that all women are crazy Bs. For reals. I’m 100% willing to admit that about myself and on behalf of every other woman I know. Men reading this are nodding their heads vehemently in agreement. The twist on this is that men are the ones who make all of us women crazy!!! Ooooooh, now you men are shaking your heads in utter defeat. I know. Accept it. It’s true. Women need other women to help balance them out. We need each other to have someone to complain to about our husbands/boyfriends. We also need women to complain to about all those OTHER women we strongly dislike. Yes, we like gossip. No news flash there. All of that aside, a friendship between women can be one of the strongest bonds in one’s life. Women understand each other in a way that a man never can. Women will always have each other’s backs and will always be there to support one another in all of life trials and tribulations. I have been lucky enough to have some of the best ladies in my life that I can always count on being there if I need them. Even though we are all older now and live all over the continental United States, my posse ladies are always there for me!! Love you guys! I was able to hang out with the 2 remaining Michigan posse chicks this month (and our newest honorary member, Baby Morgan):

Bahama Breezin’ it up!

Monica and I at the movies….we had a very opinionated lady that sat extremely close to us. Entertainment at its best!

I also had 2 weddings this month where I got to see some of my other gal pals. These were both Fire Fighter weddings. The bond between Fire Fighter wives is one that is easy to build. We are all in the same boat right off the bat so we have an understanding of one another automatically.

Farmington Hills Fire chicks

WWFA Fire wives celebrating the Caldwell wedding


I had a little extra bonding time with some of the WWFA fire ladies at the Neon Vibe 5K:

Our before and after shot

The whole group after the run

Lastly, I had a lovely morning/afternoon out with some of my work buddies this month:

We are true artists

Always remember – A good friend will hire you a lawyer, a great friend will help you bury the bodies…..