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July is:

Although I am posting this in August we actually celebrated on July 30th, so don’t worry it’s totally legit. Originally Rich and I had planned on doing this earlier in the month, but that didn’t pan out due to his crazy work schedule. To give you an idea of how much daylight we have lost this month, in case you hadn’t been taking notice, the sunset time during the first few days of July was 9:16pm. By the time we ended up sharing a sunset at the end of the month it was 8:55pm. That is 21 minutes of sunshine gone! It’s only going to get worse my friends; the threat of winter is always looming here in Michigan. Since the sunset was relatively early in terms of Roman’s bedtime (he typically goes up to his room at 9pm and then books are read, delays are had and then finally the ritual tucking in occurs), he ended up getting to stay up with Rich and I to enjoy the sunset. Hence, the Lovers + 1 title for today’s blog. So, it wasn’t quite as romantical (yeah, I meant to say romantical) as I believe this holiday is meant to be. Plus, you add in the omnipresent swarm of mosquitos and then it’s just downright irritating. Our house faces the east, so our backyard was the place to be for the sunset. As you can see, we don’t have too much of an ideal view for watching the sun go down:

Trees, trees, trees everywhere!

That’s okay, we made it work. Here is a picture of us at 8:55pm, right at the posted time of sunset:

Please disregard my snazzy ensemble, I just got done doing my awesome jog/walk.

Here we are 5 minutes later, just so you can compare the difference in light:

Roman is clearly disgruntled here, he’s flipping off all those darn mosquitos!

I only obtained about 12 mosquito bites during this little adventure. Roman got 21. Yikes. I think we will save our next sunset for the fall when it is nice and cool out and we don’t have to worry about getting eaten alive. Granted, it will be much earlier, but then Leo can join the fun too!


Bathtime fun!

Who doesn’t love a picture of a picture? Karri and I at our company BBQ.