Most visited post – June 1st – Oh No, Please Don’t Tell Me You Are Choking…Heimlich Maneuver Day. This makes me happy to know that people are learning the correct way to save someone from choking by visiting my blog!

June 6th – Yo-Yo Day Contest – I challenged you all to guess how many complete yo-yo revolutions I was able to perform. The answer is…..ONE! That is me being quite liberal too. Thank you for all of your overly confident guesses (especially you, Kendall!). I blame my lack of awesomeness at yo-yoing on purchasing a super cheap yo-yo. Karri had the closest guess at 3 so she will earn a prize of sorts. I know I said closest without going over, but no one guessed zero or one!

June 27th – Sunglasses Day – Miss Melissa was the first to correctly post that the title of this blog (I’m Putting On My Shades To Cover Up My Eyes) is a line from Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo. Congrats and look out for a totally rad prize coming your way soon!

Total amount spent celebrating the month: $122.60

Most expensive holiday this month: Sushi Day – $42

My personal favorite holiday celebration this month: Beautician Day