I am not a big coupon person. While I fully appreciate the concept of saving money, as I’m sure most people do, I do not do well with coupons for some reason. Mainly because I just forget to use them unless they are for something I actually need. Believe me, when I get my hands on a diaper coupon you better believe I will be using that one. I have noticed that coupons in general are for name brand products that I would not buy regularly. All that being said, I am utterly fascinated by that Extreme Couponing show. I think two things about the people on that show: 

1. These people have a lot of time to dedicate to couponing.

2. These people are replacing couponing with doing crack.

It’s an addiction to them. Although, any ‘extreme’ habit can basically be categorized as an addiction, right? I think that’s a fair statement. For this month’s holiday I did not go the traditional coupon route. I have evolved with the times and used two iPhone apps to help me celebrate. The first one I’m sure everyone has heard of and probably used – Groupon. I love me a good Groupon. I believe Groupon is a highly effective way to get a legitimate deal on something fun and exciting. I have used it in the past for restaurants, auto services, massages, concerts, etc. All cool stuff. This time around I used it for something new. My pal Sara found a Groupon for the Detroit Urban Challenge. It is a race/scavenger hunt sort of thing around Downtown Detroit. Sounds interesting, no? Oh, well it was! The Groupon was for ½ off the registration fee – $20 instead of $40. For some unknown reason when I bought the Groupon I got an extra $15 discount! Bonus! So the $40 registration fee turned out to be only $5 bucks. Groupon success! Here are some pictures from the event: 

Hula hooping at Hart Plaza




We came in 15th place out of 215 teams!!! Next year we are shooting for Top 5.
P.S. – Our team name was Legends of the Masonic Temple, a play on the show Legends of the Hidden Temple (hence the shirts). I did not really remember this show, much to Sara’s dismay, but a lot of people really geeked out about our attire that day! Purple Parrots forever!

The next app I used to celebrate was something new to me, Ibotta. This app boasts, ‘cash, not coupons’ as its slogan. This is an alternative way to save money that can actually be used in conjunction with traditional coupons. What you do is go into the app and choose products you want to purchase. When you click on the product it will have several different options to earn your cash. These range from watching a 30 second video, learning a fact (aka pushing the button and then clicking done….literally 2.2 seconds of your time) or posting something to Facebook or Twitter. I flat out refuse to be one of those annoying Facebook users so I did not earn any moolah with that option. Then you go to the store and buy the items. After purchasing, you need to take a picture of your receipt and also scan all the items to verify that you actually bought them. It was a little more work than I was prepared for, but the payoff was pretty good. I bought 4 things and earned $2.25. Not too shabby. Then I noticed if I bought one more item within the next 2 weeks I would earn a $10 bonus. I got a little overexcited about this prospect and went to Target later in the day to pick up a few more deals. I ended up getting 4 more products, earning another $2.50 and getting the $10 bonus. Now I had banked $14.75 and was ready to transfer my money to PayPal. All I had to do was hook up my account and then hit transfer and voila! Free money!! With the extra added bonus I basically got all of the stuff I bought for nothing. Just think, if I had real coupons for these products I could have possibly made money using this app. Uh oh…I think I’m getting a taste of that couponers high….. 

A montage of my Ibotta experience.

Leo enjoying some of my couponing spoils.

Maybe couponing isn’t so bad after all.




This kid likes his sugar.

Our morning pick-me-up.