YOU Celebrating!

Send your pictures to me at I want YOU to celebrate too!

Rosa’s husband, Julio, and their daughter, Vanessa, celebrating Father Daughter Take a Walk Day:

Sara, Bob, Alyssa and Aaron celebrating International Beer Day with a bonfire and brews!

Bad Poetry Day – hey, don’t hate…we were confused junior highers…..

National Root Beer Float Day – Nick, Ryan, Bob, Michelle and a couple of their pups partaking in the holiday celebration:

Oatmeal DayMelissa’s little twins, Natalie and Cole, picking out some tasty oatmeal to celebrate:

Salami Day – Vanessa enjoying her salami sandwich for lunch:

Scooby-Doo Day – Baby Cash loving him some Scooby snacks!

Elephant Appreciation Day – Monica went and saw the new baby elephant, Lucas, who was born on April 30th. Here he is with his Mom, Renee, at the Detroit Zoo:

Hug a Vegetarian Day – Monica and her veggie loving co-worker, Tina:

National Chocolate Cupcake Day – Melissa’s co-workers chowing down on some special treats:

Reptile Awareness Day – Marilyn and an alligator. Good thing he’s got his mouth taped shut, eek!

National Cat Day – Marilyn’s cat, Roscoe, catching up on current events:

Cookie Monster Day – Monica’s friend Sara’s son, Anthony, dressed as Cookie Monster for Halloween. Super cute!

International Girls Day – Ava loving her special Girls Day card:

International Fast Food Day – Monica’s delicious Taco Bell fast food:

Ear Muff Day – Pam and my Mom showing off their stylish ear muffs:

Ear Muff Day – Karen and John sporting some fancy ear warmers:

Rubber Duckie Day – Thanks, Karen for sharing some pictures of your Rubber Duck bathroom! They have over 100 duckies in there:

Puzzle Day – Jessie celebrated with her special prize for completing last month’s Crossword Day challenge:

Super Bowl XLVI – Marilyn (a Giants fan) and DuWayne (a Patriots fan) battled it out while watching the game and chowing down on some good eats:

Boy Scout Anniversary Day – Karen’s pal, Lenny, showing his Boy Scout pride:

Movie Theatre Day – Andrew celebrating the holiday with his super cool Pi Day Challenge prize. He is even sporting the shades to help him get into the Top Gun spirit:

National Pigs In A Blanket Day – Sara getting ready to eat some piggies in a blanket, yum!

National Sushi Day – Marilyn and Keri dominating some delicious sushi:


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