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October 5-6 was


Well, this is not the happiest holiday I have celebrated, but it is definitely one of the most meaningful. As I have mentioned a couple other times in this blog, the Westland Fire Department lost one of their own this year. It was a horrible day that I know all of us who are connected to that department will never forget. The weeks and months that followed were a blur of long days, memorials, fundraisers and of course the funeral. Brian Woehlke died fighting a commercial building fire on May 8, 2013. He was only 29 years old and he left behind his wife, Jenny, and his baby girl, Ava. As I am writing this I am again feeling the enormous gravity of his loss. I cannot begin to imagine what his family has gone through and is still going through to this day. I am proud to say that the WWFA has gone above and beyond to provide care for the family and preserve the memory of Brian. The amount of support from the community during all of the fundraising events was incredible. This past weekend Wayne County hosted its first annual Heroes on Hines Run. This run was set up to recognize all of the fallen first responders and to celebrate all that these brave men and women did for their communities. Also, Wayne County just constructed a memorial honoring all of those who gave their lives so that others might live. Rich and I, along with many others from the WWFA, ran in the 5K. Here are some pictures from our morning:

Our before and after race pictures. You would think this would be opposite, right? Well, truth be told, my birthday was the day before the run and let’s just say we celebrated a wee bit too hard that night….but hey, look at us afterwards! All smiles and no hangover!

Some of the other WWFA runners post-race. Go team!

The results – 28th in my age group. Yes….I am not the fastest and have zero endurance, but I’m getting better! Check out #2 – yay Jenny!

A pic of the Wayne County Memorial on Hines Drive.

Brian Woehlke’s name on the memorial wall.

The WWFA Team also won the Team Spirit award for having the most runners sign up and complete the race. No surprise there, we already knew that there would be tons of supporters! If you live in the area and you get a chance, go see the memorial and pay your respects. We will never forget those who have fallen in the line of duty.