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October 8th Holidays


Today we travel to the deep-sea to hear the story of two octopus friends, Ollie and Oscar. Oscar is the scary looking one who everyone else is afraid of although he is very kind-hearted:

Ollie is the cutesy looking one who all the chick octopi have a thing for:

They have been best buds for a while, but there has always been an underlying tension. It turns out that they have had an unspoken rivalry that has always been on the brink of blowing up. One day, the buddies met up as usual. Oscar, friendly as always, goes to give Ollie a hug:

Ollie wasn’t having it. He had decided today was the day to terminate Oscar. Ollie was done sharing the spotlight and wanted to be King Octopus. He quickly overtook Oscar and began to suck his brains out:

Oscar was giving in to defeat when suddenly an unexpected ally appeared. Dogfish Paco came to Oscar’s rescue:

Paco was sick of Ollie’s cutesy act. He knew that just because he looked innocent, he couldn’t be trusted. Paco was right and today he took out his vengeance:

Game over for Ollie:

Oscar swims in and thanks Paco with a hug (he’s a big hugger):

The moral of today’s story: don’t judge a book (or octopus) by its cover.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2


Seeing as how I was on vacation, I was a tad bit lazy with some of the holidays. This was one of them. Although I gave Ava a nifty musical toy to celebrate this holiday, I did not take a picture or do anything else. I would like to use my Mulligan for this holiday and have my redo on October 17th (Mulligan Day). Sorry for the letdown, I’ll be sure to make it a good one on the 17th.


Clip of the Day:

Shark vs. Octopus. Coincidentally enough, it’s a dogfish shark:

P.S. – Octopus are gross looking, blech.