I was pretty excited about this holiday because I will use any excuse to go to the zoo. It worked out perfectly too because I had already scheduled a day off this week in order to have a ‘day-o-fun’ with the kiddos. I like to do that every so often, especially in the summer months, to give us all a free day to do something we wouldn’t normally attempt on a regular weekend day. It’s nice to take a well day rather than sick day sometimes. I was especially pumped when we got to the zoo and they had this fabulous sign:

Oh yeah, that’s rad. This was actually our second trip to the zoo this summer (I told you I liked the zoo!). It was a lovely day with perfect weather. The animals, of course, were mainly just lying around sleeping. The thrilling life of a zoo animal, right? Sometimes I feel bad for the animals that are stuck in an enclosure for all of their lives, but then you read many of their stories. A lot of zoo animals were rescued and brought to live in a safe environment because they were either in danger due to dumb people or because their species is on the verge of extinction. For example (I pulled this from a news article written about the new lion habitat at the zoo):

The Detroit Zoo is home to six lions, five of which were rescued. Bikira, 19, was born at an Arizona zoo and came to Detroit when she was 9 months old. Katie and Percival, also 19, were exotic pets that were confiscated and brought to the Zoo. Katie was relieved of “guard duty” at a crack house in 1992, and Percival was discovered in the basement of an abandoned home in 1993.

The Zoo’s lion population doubled in 2009 when the Detroit Zoological Society saved three lions from a junkyard in Kansas. The rescued trio, male Larson and females Emily and Erin, are estimated to be about 11 years old.

That’s right, a crack house. Seriously. Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good plan to have a guard lion. Oh wait, crack heads….I get it now. Anyhow, getting back to the zootastic excursion now, it’s picture time!

Turtles! The only creature that doesn’t totally freak me out in the Reptile House.

Looking cool by the fountain.

Having an intense stare down with the meerkats.

The giraffe that we didn’t get to feed…..again. They sell food for a special Feed the Giraffes exhibit and they are always sold out by the time we get there. Am I bitter about this? You betcha.

Watching the seals.

On the lookout for polar bears.

We love the zoo!

As a closing note, for everyone who reads this blog that is not a resident of Metro Detroit, the city is really not that awful. Yes, there are some areas that are far from stellar, but there is still a lot worth saving downtown. I hope, as I’m sure everyone else who lives in this area, that Detroit is able to make its grand comeback in my lifetime. I would hate to think that my children are going to grow up so close to such a major city and not ever have the opportunity to experience all that I know it has to offer. I only wish for the best and I look forward to what the future brings for Detroit.


Leo palming that ball like a boss!

Our first Quinceañera! Roman and ‘Princess Vanessa’.