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No surprise that July is National Grilling Month. Summertime is in full swing and we Americans love to celebrate good old Independence Day with some tasty grilled meat treats. Luckily, I already had two grill dates set up before I even decided to start this blog up again, fancy that! The first was the 4th of July, naturally. Richie Rich had to work so me and the boys went over to my parents’ place for a lovely grilled dinner. Now, I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of the actually grilling, because that’s not all that exciting. Since my goal of bringing back my celebrations is to take more pictures of my kiddos and document fun times, that’s what I will be doing here. So, here we go with the barrage of family photos!

 photo momandboys.jpg

Mom and the boys on the Fourth

 photo grillin.jpg

Obligatory grilling picture #1

 photo parentsandboys.jpg

Grandma and Papa with their grandkids

 photo 29eeea93-e05c-4533-b271-e7ae0f9cfce7.jpg

Me and my handsome boys

Next, we had planned a BBQ with the Nagle family since it had been FOREVER since we had gotten together with the kids. Of course I forgot to take some shots of Roman and Nataleigh playing…..yep, dropping the ball already. They are both potty-training though so Roman was running around sans bottoms…..no one needs to see that. I did get a few photos of our impromptu festivities:

 photo richgrill.jpg

Obligatory grilling pic #2

 photo plates.jpg

The snazzy dinnerware I purchased for this special occasion. Thanks Target dollar bins!

 photo eating.jpg

Chowing down in our VERY boring dining room….man, we really need to paint in there….

In true American style we made waaaay too much food and will have leftovers for days. I am glad we got some good grilling in this year so far!



 photo Romanundies.jpg

Simple, classic, understated. Roman prefers a plain white brief.

 photo 345efda3-6dbd-477b-878d-4a4a76ca7b2b.jpg

Little swimmers