I had to take a little break there before I tackled this final portion of the happy holiday hayley blog experience. Compiling all of this information was a bit more time consuming than I thought it would be. I am finally done though, yippee! Here is the final wrap-up from my entire year of celebrations:

Total Holidays Celebrated: 480 – The first half of this adventure I was quite ambitious and took on multiple holidays each day….this did not last.

Total Cost Celebrating: $1,727.69 – Wow. I added this up several times because I could not believe the number was that high. My most expensive month was August ($420.89) and my least expensive month was March ($27.45). I realized after the first few months that I needed to minimize the expenditures for this project. When you actually break it down and average everything out I technically only spent $4.72 per day and $3.60 per holiday. Okay, those numbers are not as scary. I suppose if I was a smoker and I smoked a pack a day this is comparable. See? I can rationalize anything.

Most Expensive Individual Holiday: National Night Out (August 2nd) – $121. If you recall, I did not even celebrate this holiday correctly. Oh, the irony.

Total Amount of Cash Given to Charity: $135 – hmmm….this number looks pretty weak when you look at how much I spent overall. In the end though, this was the best money spent throughout the past year.

Total Hits: As of today, there have been over 23,300 views on happy holiday hayley. I know for larger blogs this is basically a daily (or hourly for that matter) hit tally, but I am happy to know that I wasn’t just writing all this stuff for myself and other people are getting something out of it too.

Most Visited Posts: The top 3:

               One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – Dr. Seuss Day, March 2nd

               Scout’s Honor – Boy Scout Anniversary Day, February 8th

               Nurse? I Need a Shot of Morphine – Nurses Day, May 6th

I know why the Dr. Seuss post is so popular, but I am not too sure on how the Boy Scout and Nurse posts climbed the ranks so quickly. WordPress allows you to see what search terms led visitors to your blog, but only to a certain extent. I see that many Google Image searches have pointed people here, but it does not give specifics on what images or exactly what term was being searched. I also know that I started getting a lot more hits after the Winnie the Pooh post because if you search ‘Winnie the Pooh quotes’ in Google Images, the second one that pops up is from my blog. Crazy how this stuff works, isn’t it? As you can see, I am no internet genius.

Favorite Holidays: Looking through all these posts again has brought back a lot of memories. That sounds funny to say because it’s not like all of this happened years ago, but I truly had forgotten about some of the holidays already. My top 3 favorite holidays are as follows:

               Girlfriend’s Day – August 1st

               National Museum Day – September 25th

               Scooby-Doo Day – September 13th

I like Girlfriend’s Day the best because I really think this is a holiday that I will celebrate every year. The girlfriends that I have in my life are very important to me and this day is a perfect excuse to celebrate our friendship. National Museum Day holds a special place in my heart because I have always loved going to museums of all kinds. I think it is very important to support local museums. That being said, the Detroit Science Center (the museum we visited for this holiday) is still closed. I feel lucky that we were able to go there during the last week they were opened, but it makes me very sad to know that we cannot go back anytime soon. Scooby-Doo Day was just funny to me. I was very happy with how our costumes and pictures turned out and that is still one of my favorite blog posts.

Least Favorite Holidays: I never included this category on my monthly wrap-up because it essentially is not a positive thing. I decided I would put it in the final wrap-up though just because it was semi-interesting. While I found some holidays to be rather dull, especially the ones about history or politics (not my bag, baby), I had 2 particular holidays that I was especially not fond of:

               Bikini Day – July 5th

               Hagfish Day – October 19th

Bikini Day. I am not a chick that really likes to strut her stuff in a bikini. This post was the bane of my existence for awhile since it was the most searched one for a good majority of this project. Just knowing that there were people out there searching ‘girl in bikini’ and finding my picture creeped me out. Hagfish Day was one that just plain old grossed me out. I know it is about the fact that not everything is beautiful and all that, but the hagfish is just icky. I can still see that image…it is burned into my brain and it makes me want to gag. Ew.

Weirdest Holiday: I have to give this one to Barbie in a Blender Day, July 27th. While there were a lot of strange holidays, I think this one takes the cake.

I could make up a dozen more categories, but I think I am going to stop here. I have one final post after this one that will finish this blog once and for all.