Most visited post – March 2nd – One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. This post has quickly become my most visited post on this blog EVER (finally overtaking Bikini Day, thank goodness). Apparently a lot of people are looking for Dr. Seuss quotes these days.

March 10th – International Fanny Pack Day – For those of you that may have missed out on the comments for this post, it turns out that I bought the exact fanny pack that my mom had just donated. Oh Mom, good thing you finally decided to part from that stellar fashion piece.

March 14th – Pi Day – As previously announced, Andrew Kruz was the big winner for the Pi Day Challenge. Good job, Smartypants!

March 27th – Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day – I would like to extend my apologies to any country music lovers that may have taken offense to my over-the-top wisecracks. I also would like to tell you I’m sorry that you have a terrible taste in music. (I couldn’t help myself, ha ha ha!)

Total amount spent celebrating the month: $27.45

Most expensive holiday this month: National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day – $7.49

My personal favorite holiday celebration this month: Dr. Seuss Day