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June 27th Holiday


This entire day all that kept going through my head was the Corey Hart song, “Sunglasses At Night”. Even as I am writing this I hear that totally rad synthesizer beat repeating over and over again and it makes me just want to bust out some sweet dance moves! I thought it would be cool to reenact the lyrics of the song, but then I actually read them. They don’t really tell as awesome of a story as I was hoping. So, here are some pictures of the Dege posse rocking our super sunglasses instead:

I was very surprised that I got Roman to wear his for a little while. I haven’t tried to put them on him in a long time and it seems like he actually likes them now. He must know how he looks extra cool with his shades. Well, I know this post isn’t that spectacular so to spice it up just a teeny bit I will have a mini contest. The first person to post in the comment section what song the title of this blog post is from will get a special prize! Yay! A prize! Be quick and be victorious!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Song of the Day:

Rock this bad boy out and get your 80’s big hair dance groove on!


P.S. – I love the 80’s, did you get that?