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June 26th Holiday


I need more beauticians in my life. I am hopeless when it comes to hair, makeup or even maintaining my toenail polish. While I like the idea of tending to all of these things in theory, I do not have the time, patience or skill to successfully make myself look fabulous. I have always been okay at keeping my toes painted, but lately that has even began to fall by the wayside. In fact, my feetsies were looking so rough this past week or so that I began just wearing my sneakers rather than flip flops since I didn’t have the gumption to take care of it. When I saw this holiday coming up, it gave me the excuse I desperately needed to treat myself to a pedicure. I don’t regularly go and get my nails done, but when I do I love it. It is 100% worth the money to have someone just pamper you for a little while. I booked an appointment at the local LUV salon and set off after work with my book in hand. I was excited to just relax and have a little me time to zone out. Here is a glimpse of my feet pre-treatment (along with the implements of torture waiting to mercilessly undo the damage I have done by paying no mind to my poor soles):

I did not tell the nail tech it was a special holiday. I didn’t feel the need to have that conversation and I knew that simply leaving a little extra tip would make her day a bit brighter. I went with a sassy red color for my toesies. The actual color name is Vodka and Caviar…..two things that I cannot have currently so I may as well take it where I can get it! The finished product:

If my toes (apart from my nails) look a little rosy that is because they were given a true workout. I had to stifle a few screams for a minute there, but that is the price one pays to be beautiful. Oh, the things girls go through that men will never understand….. Thank you to all the beauticians out there for making us not-so-frilly people look our best!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $30

Clip of the Day:

Some very interesting beauty tips using household items:

P.S. – I can attest to the apple cider vinegar, it does do wonders for your skin….but it also does smell nasty.