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June 24th Holiday


Today I found out more about fairies than I ever thought imaginable. I was completely unaware that such a fanatical group of people have gone to great lengths to group and categorize all the different varieties of fairies. Did you know that goblins, leprechauns, gnomes, and mer-people are all classified as fairies? Oh yes. Then you have your pixies, water fairies and elves. There are many people out there that truly believe they are fairies too…..well, more power to them. If it makes them happy and they aren’t hurting anyone, then they are okay by me! I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the fairies that I wish were real for today’s holiday. So, here we go:

The Fairy Godmother

She grants your wishes and provides you with guidance and support. I don’t think you can get too much better than that! Who wouldn’t want a fairy godmother?? My favorite of all is the fairy godmother from Cinderella. Mostly because she is just a sweet, old lady and very unassuming. I like that about her, not all fairies need to be all glitter and wings.

The Tooth Fairy

Ha ha ha! I just had to use a picture of The Rock since that was what popped up when I looked for images. Although I need to start ‘believing’ in the Tooth Fairy again pretty soon here, I really wish there was a special fairy that gives you money for your lost teeth while you sleep. On the other hand, what kind of a creepy fairy is collecting teeth? What is she doing with all of those things?? As a side note, I found this cute thing on Pinterest for parents with young children. It’s all these fun ways to make the tooth fairy tradition more interesting: http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2012/02/10-tooth-fairy-traditions-and-ideas.html


I just like Tinkerbell because she is so darn cute. Plus, she has magical pixie dust that can make you fly and that is pretty rad.

Today was also a special day for my pal, Sara. It was her birthday – the BIG 3-0!!!! Since I actually got to see her on her birthday, at our monthly book club meeting, I brought her a special fairy related gift to celebrate:

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the magical fairy dust…use it wisely!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $8

Song of the Day:

I need to explain the title of today’s blog. When I was younger, whenever I would wear boots (yes, it was the late 80’s early 90’s….we’re talking white patent leather ankle boots here) my Dad would sing the line, “Fairies wear boots and you gotta believe me.” I guess I thought he was just making this up out of thin air or something, but until today’s holiday I did not realize this is actually a Black Sabbath song. Who knew? Well, I suppose a lot of people knew actually. Here is a lovely clip of today’s song:

P.S. – Hmmmm…..I like my Dad’s version better, it’s a lot more upbeat…and discernable for that matter.