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June 23rd Holiday


Today’s holiday has no reasoning or cause behind it, it is simply to celebrate the color pink! So, I did just that and donned a pink shirt and my cool pink earrings I got from Monica:

I looked for a pink shirt for Roman, but I guess they are not big on pink clothes for little boys. It’s okay for men to wear pink dress shirts and such these days, but maybe when boys are little there can be some gender confusion or something. Not by the child, per se, but by random strangers who may mistake your little man for a little lady. I did teach Roman how to say pink today. He promptly forgot though because every time I ask him what color something is his response is always purple. He must know that’s my favorite! Soooooo….that was about it for today’s holiday. I didn’t go pink crazy or anything. Maybe if I was having a baby girl I could have used this holiday to really go nutso with the cutesy girl stuff. That is not my fate though. I am destined for bugs, dirt and not a whole lot of pinkness.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Song of the Day: 

It was one of those songs in my head kind of days:

P.S. – I don’t think this song’s underlying message is quite so….innocent….but, I like it anyhow.