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June 22nd Holiday


I found today’s holiday to be quite amusing. The purpose of this holiday is for women to make a list of all the stupid things that guys do and pass it along. Well, I have the perfect arena to complete this task! I did have a hard time trying to find a way to make this holiday not so mean-spirited. Especially since all of the stupid guy things that I would naturally think of relate to the main guy in my life, my husband. So, basically this could turn into a big rant about all the stupid crap he does that just annoys me all the time. See how that may not be so nice? Entirely feasible, (I have about a million things running through my mind right now…) but still not nice. Luckily, I walked right into ‘stupid guy thing central’, literally, when I came home from work today. Observe:

Yep, guys sitting around drinking beer. I came to find out this had been going on pretty much the entire afternoon. While this is all fine and dandy, it is definitely a stupid guy thing. What else were they doing during this time? Oh, gossiping. What else? Guys are just as into gossiping as girls are, don’t let them fool you. Girls at least admit that we are talking crap, where guys will do it and pretend it’s not really gossiping. Or they act like they don’t care….believe me, they care. I will point out one very specific stupid guy thing that I absolutely loathe just to make sure I properly celebrate today’s special day. Maybe this is just the guy in my life, although I know all his friends do it too, but it is a constant annoyance: repeating the same saying over and over and over and over again. Some examples of a few recent ones are:

Well, would you look at that.

Not my job.

Deal with it.

Yeah, those are pretty much the 3 sayings that constitute about half of Rich’s conversation these days. “Would you look at that” has actually faded out, but that one used to be the only thing Rich would say for days at a time. I suppose this practice starts early for guys. Roman repeats things about 100 times until you acknowledge whatever he is saying. Can’t wait until I have 3 stupid guys to put up with….I know what Rich will say about it….deal with it.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

I know I have used the “Would you look at that” clip before, but this is a different one with the same guy. It is not as funny as the car one, but it’s still humorous. Plus, now you can actually hear the tone/accent of the “Would you look at that” that I had to hear for 6 months straight:

P.S. – Love the laugh still.