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June 20th Holiday


I had not done any research on Recess at Work Day until the actual holiday. I just figured it meant taking a break at work and running around outside for a little while. Actually, it is an employee morale building movement/event aimed at corporations. The creator of the holiday started it as a program for the bigwigs to use with their personnel to boost workplace satisfaction. Makes sense. Let people take a nice long break outside and give them fun stuff like hula hoops, bubbles and games to play with and let loose. Since I am a celebrator of one, I had to make do with my own personal recess. At my workplace, we are given two 15 minute break times to use however we choose. This all started when people were in an uproar about the fact that smokers just got to take breaks whenever they wanted to go smoke, but the rest of us minions were not given that luxury. So, they did the right thing and gave everyone the same rules. I used to utilize my break times regularly, but the past few years I have not been taking advantage of them at all. Today, I decided to give myself a little recess. I went out to the parking lot and played with some bubbles:

This was the best picture I could get. I took about 10 and this is the only one where you can actually see the bubbles. Attractive, I know. It was hot hot hot out so my recess was short-lived. I did enjoy taking a little break from work though. Sometimes that is all one needs to just relax and let go of some of the stress that comes with most jobs. I think I will pass this information on to our HR Department and maybe next year we can have a companywide Recess at Work Day. Then I won’t be the only weirdo playing with bubbles in the parking lot….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1.99

Clip of the Day:

Since dodgeball is a delightful recess activity, I figured this was a good fit. Plus, I couldn’t find any clips about recess at work….

P.S. – If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.