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June 18th Holiday


Sushi is one of those things that I could eat every single day. I am always in the mood for it, I always want it and I never seem to get sick of it. When I speak of sushi, I’m referring to the sushi rolls. I know ‘real’ sushi is actually pieces of raw fish (aka sashimi) laid over rice. The awesome thing about sushi rolls is that you don’t necessarily have to eat anything raw if you don’t want to. For today’s holiday I ordered some sushi from a place called Sushi Ko. I would have preferred to order it from my beloved Ninja Sushi, which is mere minutes from our house, but they have been closed down for a while. At first it said it was just for remodeling, but now it appears that there was a fire there. If they do not reopen I may tell Rich we may as well move again. That was one of my main motivators for moving out to Farmington Hills! Okay, I’m exaggerating…but only a little. I ended up ordering 4 rolls from Sushi Ko. All the seafood inside was cooked and on the ‘okay to eat’ prego list. I also got some delicious edamame and miso soup to compliment our delightful dinner:

Nom nom nom, I LOVE sushi!

For those of you less adventurous eaters that are scared of sushi, you really shouldn’t be. Like I said, eating sushi does not mean you are eating raw fish. Try it. I can almost guarantee there is a sushi roll out there to compliment everyone’s specific tastes and dietary needs. You will become addicted. It happens to everyone. Even my pal Monica, whom I consider to be a picky eater (you know you are!), loves her some sushi. She even sent me a picture of her yummy rolls she enjoyed for the holiday:

Thanks Monica!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $42 –aaaaaand THIS is the reason I don’t eat sushi every single day. I would go broke very quickly.


Clip of the Day:

Sushi etiquette:


P.S. – Okay to eat with your hands? Who knew?