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June 15th Holiday


Flip flops, how I love thee. I would wear flip flops exclusively if I lived in a climate and worked in an office that accommodated it. Alas, I do not live or work in that perfect world. I originally thought Flip Flop Day was just another random holiday to celebrate the everyday fun stuff in life. Actually, there is a real organization behind it. The Tropical Smoothie Café created the holiday to promote awareness for their non-profit organization, Camp Sunshine (find out more here: http://www.nationalflipflopday.com/camp-sunshine). On National Flip Flop Day, if you go to one of their cafés wearing flip flops you get a FREE smoothie! Let me tell you, their smoothies are excellent…..and BIG. Lucky for me, there is a Tropical Smoothie Café just about a mile from my house. Not so lucky for me, there is major construction happening on the main road (and everywhere else in SE Michigan) so I got to go on a nice, long detour to just get down the street. Either way, I still got my free smoothie. I did forget my camera though, so you will have to enjoy my lovely cell phone pictures instead:

Yes, that is Roman pouting in the backseat because he doesn’t like to go back into the car after only getting out for a few minutes. He got over it. I did donate to Camp Sunshine to further celebrate today’s holiday. With my super huge $5 donation I received a flip flop keycard that enables me to get 10% smoothies for the rest of the year. What a great holiday! My parents also participated, and took much better pictures, at the Tropical Smoothie Café location by their house:

Yay! Pictures with strangers are always fun! Hope you all got your free smoothie. If not, remember to go next year!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5


Clip of the Day:

Someone else who celebrated the holiday a couple of years ago:


P.S. – There was NO line for me or my parents. Apparently they are not overly advertising National Flip Flop Day in our neck of the woods.