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June 10th Holiday


Fun fact about Hayley – although, as I’m sure you may have noticed, I looooove sugar and sweet things, I do not like sweet tea. Weird, right? I like my iced tea to be UNsweetened. That is how I enunciate it every single time at McDonald’s because they only get it right about half the time. I loathe their sweet tea, ick. I always opt for iced tea at fast food places because it makes me feel like I’m being just a teensy bit healthier (hey, I know I’m fooling myself here, but don’t burst my bubble). I don’t drink a lot of pop (soda, to you non-Michiganders) anyhow, so it’s always tea for me. Even though I love iced tea, I have never ever made it at home. My mom made it all the time when I was younger, and she still does. She uses the sun tea method. Instead of boiling water, just put it out in the hot sun for an hour or two and you are good to go. I bought a beverage dispenser and I found these nifty tea bags especially for iced tea:

Cool! Luckily it was a toasty 94 degrees out today and the sun was blazing away. My tea spent a little time getting all hot in the sunshine:

I was anxious to see if this turned out okay, considering I had never done this myself. Here I am enjoying my first homemade iced tea (ignore my awful hair….as I said, it was ridiculously hot today):

Ahhhh! Nice and refreshing. Iced tea for me, please!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $7

Clip of the Day:

I typed in iced tea and this is what came up….


P.S. – Yikes! I concur with the description on YouTube – “the most disturbing video I have ever seen.”

P.P.S. – If you have some extra time, read the comments on YouTube – hilarious!!

P.P.P.S – Seriously, if you never watch these clips you HAVE to watch this one. The end is the best….happy nightmares!