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June 7th Holiday


Time for today’s history lesson! On this day in 1769, Daniel Boone went past the Appalachian mountains and founded what is now Kentucky. At the time, this was still considered to be a part of Virginia although it was unsettled land. When I think of Daniel Boone, I think of Davy Crockett. Are they the same person or something? I guess all early frontiersmen seemed the same to me. I got a lovely coonskin cap (faux, of course) to do some Boone-like exploration of my own on this fine holiday. I took my rifle (again, faux…I’m pretty sure I would get the cops called on me if I started marching around in the woods with a real rifle around here…not that I have a real rifle to use anyhow) and went to check out the wilderness behind our house:

Yes, it was already quite dark out when I begain my exploration. Not much to discover out here other than some mushy ground and a whole lot of birds thanks to our neighbor’s ornithological interests. That is the sad thing about people who want to be explorers today, there is nothing left to discover. Now that the space program has been put to a stop those with the discoverer gene don’t even have that to fall back on. Daniel Boone would not have been as cool of a dude here in the 21st century.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $7 for my sweet hat that looks like a dead animal.

Clip of the Day:

The Daniel Boone theme song:

P.S. – Whoa! Check out that hatchet throw. I’m gonna go try that out now.