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June 5th Holiday


Gingerbread? Why are we celebrating this holiday in June? I don’t have an answer to that question. I guess it may be to revive interest in gingerbread at a time other than Christmas. Well, I like me some gingerbread man cookies, not so much straight up gingerbread. I did manage to find some lovely Target brand Ginger Snaps though:

How do these taste? Eh. I’m not a huge fan. The combination of ginger and molasses is not for me. It seems like gingerbread isn’t as bad when it is shaped like little men and covered in sugar. Roman didn’t seem to mind them all that much. He hears ‘cookie’ and that’s all he needs to be satisfied. Instead of letting these cookies sit in my pantry for the next 2 years, I decided to celebrate Gingerbread Day by sharing them with all the lovely wildlife we have in our backyard:

So, I didn’t actually get any pictures of the animals eating the cookies. Usually our deck is a hotbed for chipmunks, but they were nowhere to be found today. Hopefully the raccoons don’t like gingerbread. They do like garbage, however, we found this out firsthand (twice) last garbage night. Filthy scavengers.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2.49

Clip of the Day:

JT as the Gingerbread Man, oh yeah:

P.S. – Watching him dance around in funny outfits will never get old.