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May 4th Holiday


This couldn’t have come at a better time. My kitties were in need of a great big hug. They have been feeling very neglected lately….because they are for the most part. Roman hugs them all the time, although they do not like this one bit. They both had a rough time with the move as well. The good news is that they have adapted well and seem to like the new house now. They still don’t like Roman. They are in for a shock when another one of those little people comes along…that should be fun for them. Don’t worry though, the cats both get back at Rich and I by routinely waking us up at 3am in the morning. They do this by knocking stuff down in our room, eating plastic bags because they know I will wake up to take it from them or just simply meowing as loudly as possible throughout the whole house. It’s quite pleasant waking up to that as you can imagine. Here I am with my two kitty cats sharing a nice family moment:

They look happy about it, don’t they? Just for fun, let’s compare what they look like now to what they looked like when I first got them 8 years ago:

Yes, yes they were much cuter when they were little. Much less annoying too. Check out that blond hair….these pictures are reminders to never go back to that again. My mom also sent me a picture of her hugging our cat, Patches. Yep, Patches…she is still kicking. She celebrated her 20th birthday this year!

All kidding aside, I do love my kitties. I need to remember to give them hugs more often.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

I want to see someone try to hug THIS cat:


P.S. – He sure isn’t selling himself too well….