Most visited post – May 21st – Waiting – Wait Staff Day. I have to give you all a disclaimer on this one. I had a very passionate, yet very negative, reader (someone who I do not know personally) who obsessively posted comments on this post that I subsequently deleted due to their not-so-nice nature. I attribute the high views of this post to that individual. The runner-up for Most Visted Post was Rich’s guest blog – You Check That Door For Heat, Tim?

May 3rd – International Firefighters Day – Rich spent a long time agonizing over each word of this post and he also showed me about 4 clips from Backdraft that he was debating between to use for his clip of the day. Needless to say, he now has a new respect for my blog and the time it takes!

May 16th – Sea Monkey Day – I am happy to report that I currently have 3 whole sea monkeys thriving in my tank. One of them is actually pretty big. I thought it had testicles, but it turns out it is sea monkey eggs. So, more are on the way! By the way, when I looked it up it was a common misconception that people thought they were testicles….I’m not a total weirdo.

May 23rd – World Turtle Day – Results are in from the ‘Who was your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’………the winner, by a large margin, is…..Michelangelo! I guess he is the Party Dude so he’s the most likeable. The other 3 were all tied for second place.

May 29th – Paper Clip Day – Shortly after I marked my book with my freshly made ribbon paper clip bookmark, one of my cats took it upon herself to completely massacre it by chewing up the lovely pieces of ribbon. One down….three remain.

Total amount spent celebrating the month: $55.26

Most expensive holiday this month: International Truffle Day – $14

My personal favorite holiday celebration this month: Twilight Zone Day