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May 24th Holiday


Hear ye! Hear ye! Princess Hayley of the Hills of Farmington has graced you with her presence today:

Please bow to her and remember not to look her directly in the eye. She is above you, do not forget. Do not stare at her belly or she will strike you down with her scepter. Do not speak to her, as you have nothing of value to say. Princess Hayley has received an extra special tiara for today’s holiday from her dear friend, Queen Michele. That’s right people, Mother To Be and proud of it:

Princess Hayley obviously had some fun editing her fabulous photos today in Photobucket (which she is now forced to use to host all her pictures for this blog since she used up all the available photo memory on WordPress). Therefore, the Princess is all tuckered out and so she shall sleep and dream the happy dreams of a spoiled brat with no worries:

Oh, if only this was really my life.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – Thank you Michele!

Clip of the Day:

I don’t really have a favorite Disney Princess per se, but I did used to do the Ariel hair flip while singing this song whenever I went swimming. By ‘used to’ I mean I still do…..


P.S. – Part of that……(wait for it)…..WORLD!!!!!!