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May 23rd Holiday


I was happy to see that today’s holiday was about turtles. Why? Because today is also my little bro’s birthday and he used to have a special place in his heart for turtles. Mostly the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but he also had a pet turtle for a short time too. The turtle’s name was Raphael (see the TMNT correlation here?). He had little red marks on his head by his eyes and that’s how he got his name. Unfortunately, my mom was not able to dig up a picture of Raphael, but here is another turtle picture that I found so you can see what he looked like:


I don’t really remember how old my brother was when he had this pet. As I mentioned before, it was a short-lived adventure. Raphael was somewhat of an escape artist and did not like to be confined to his tank. We would come home to find him on the floor, or ground (sometimes he was outside) flat on his back. This means he climbed out of the tank and then fell off the table he was on only to be rendered immobile. What a life, huh? My parents decided that Raphael was better suited to live out in the wild. By wild I mean the Rouge River area about a block away from our house. We went as a family to set him free and surprisingly I was much more distraught by this than my brother. I cried, he seemed relatively unfazed. Maybe he realized having a real turtle was not nearly as exciting as he had hoped. Either way, I know that Raphael had a better life out in the great outdoors. That was the only turtle we ever had. I got my brother to take a picture with his Turtles page from the scrapbook my mom made him:

Rad! Happy Birthday Ste Ste!!! You are getting old….but I suppose that means I’m just getting older too….boo. I also wanted to further today’s celebration by having a poll. Yay! A poll!! This one may only be applicable to people in a certain age bracket though. The poll is – Who was your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Obviously the correct answer is Donatello because he was clearly the best, but everyone is entitled to their own option I suppose:


Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

STILL one of my most favorite YouTube videos of all time, I will never get tired of it:

P.S. – I like turtles too!