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May 21st Holiday


Oh boy. Today is my day to get on my high horse and give everyone a little lecture on the joys of being a restaurant server. I once held this prestigious position. It was my main source of income throughout college and to this day I still count it as my worst job ever. I have had many different types of jobs in my life so far, but working in a restaurant is by far the worst. Never have I had a job that I regularly had nightmares about. I have not been a server for about 8 years and I still sometimes have those horrifying dreams where I am running behind and all the guests are angry with me. It will never go away…I have been scarred for life. People who have never had to be a waiter/waitress/server, whatever you want to call it, do not have any empathy for all the people who wait on them when they go out to eat. Seriously people, try it for a week and you will know what I am talking about. Your whole income is based on tips because you are getting paid a lousy $2.65 an hour (unless they have bumped this up since my waiting days). Yes, I will agree that some servers really are crappy. If they are just straight up rude to you then it is their own fault that you are not going to throw wads of cash their way at the end of the meal. If they mess up your order or if they don’t come back for a little while to fill up your water glass, believe me it is most likely for a good reason. Waiting tables, especially during a lunch or dinner rush, is no joke. It is stressful and people are demanding. BTW – 99% of the time it is NOT your server’s fault that your food is taking too long to come out of the kitchen. Cut them some slack next time you go out to eat. Remember that 20% is what you should be tipping, not 10% and not even 15%. I suppose 18% is acceptable if you really weren’t all that overjoyed. Everybody getting this?? Please be nice to your wait staff, they are probably miserable and just on the brink of burning down the building…don’t push them over the edge.

On a lighter, less condescending note, Waiting is one of the best and most accurate depictions of what it is like to work in a restaurant. I know a lot of it is obviously exaggerated, but it really isn’t all that far off. If you have never seen the movie, watch it. It is hilarious. Here is one of the greatest scenes:

I am not kidding, this is EXACTLY what it was like working at Applebee’s….the nightmares are coming back….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

I figured I would get another plug in about this movie:


P.S. – As a disclaimer, there was never any tampering with of food at the Applebee’s that I worked at….at least not that I saw….