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May 18th Holiday


I was not too sure how to celebrate today’s holiday. It seems like one that would be best suited for one of my donations. I wasn’t able to do that though since Rich and I are paying two mortgages for an undetermined amount of time so we are trying to save every dime possible. Instead, I looked up a list of all the animals on the endangered species list. Guess how many there are? 16,306. That is a large number. I also found out that most species of animals are extinct directly due to human activity. Another reason the human race is destroying the earth, right? To ‘celebrate’ (I say that in quotes because it doesn’t seem like a super happy holiday today) I read about a few of the animals that have become extinct within the last 100 years or so. I will honor their memory today. Here is a link to the site that tells you all about them. I will warn you though, it is depressing:


I will also use today’s holiday to show my pro-zoo support. I obviously do not condone any harm against animals and I do not believe that all zoos around the world are necessarily good places for animals to be. I do, however, support the zoos that practice awareness and are aiding in the fight to bring animals back from the brink of extinction. I have found that through Species Survival Plan Programs zoos have been able to save many species including the red fox, California condor and black-footed ferret among others. These programs also support the return of captive animals to their natural habitats. So, the next time you hear something bad about a zoo, remember they are not all bad. There are good people out there that are trying to make a difference, you just never hear those stories because they are not as newsworthy in today’s entertainment world.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

I cannot handle the horrible sad animal videos and I know this post was not the most uplifting. So, here is something to brighten your day:


P.S. – See? If they didn’t have zoos you NEVER would have seen that!