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May 19th Holiday


Sunshine, beautiful sunshine! Today’s holiday is all about spending some time outdoors and soaking up the sun. Luckily, the Michigan weather actually cooperated and it was an exceptionally sunny, albeit quite hot, day. To enjoy the nice weather and get some desperately needed vitamin D energy, we headed up to Maybury Farm to have a look at some aminals (that is how Roman says it).

We were able to pet some of the less feisty animals, but they all looked a little miserable in the heat already. Roman liked to point at every different one he saw and say “hi” and then “bye bye” when we moved on. That is his new thing now, bye bye to everything. We had a fun time and definitely got some sun! I am already hoping that it cools down since my blossoming body is not handling the heat too well. My ankles are going to be non-existent within the month, cankles anyone?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5


Song of the Day:

The perfect song for today’s holiday:


P.S. – Does Sheryl Crow never age or something?? I guess I need to soak up some more sun….