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May 16th Holiday


I have not seen or heard about sea monkeys since I was a little kid. When I saw today’s holiday pop up, I knew I would probably have to special order these little creatures since I do not see them sold in stores anymore. I went on Amazon and found a nice little kit:

I got it earlier than expected so I was able to start the process prior to the actual holiday. First, I purified the water. Next, I waited 24 hours and then added the eggs. Then, I waited….and waited. Allegedly after 5 days of waiting there will be sea monkeys to feed because that is when you start giving them the food that was provided. After a couple days I did see some little critters floatin’ around in there:

Can you see them? Yeah, didn’t think so. I seem to recall not being overly impressed with sea monkeys when I was little. I have a nagging feeling I may be let down once again. I asked Rich if he ever had sea monkeys when he was a kid. He did not know anything about them so I felt the need to dictate the ‘Story of Sea Monkeys’ to him that came with the kit. I will share with you all now:

 You are about to begin a NEW amazing hobby that is so fantastic, it STAGGERS THE IMAGINATION! With only water and the “crystals” in your Sea-Monkey kit, you will create INSTANT-LIFE! Yes, single-handed you will raise up the world’s only living, breating INSTANT-PETS – – – Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys! With the act of giving your Sea-Monkeys life, you join in the immensely rewarding experience of fellow hobbyists throughout the world! As a creator of Sea-Monkeys, you share with them, the knowledge that through your willingness to explore the unknown, you have stepped across the threshold of one of the strange worlds of tomorrow’s science…TODAY!

Wow! They make this sound super duper exciting, don’t they? Little do unsuspecting children know, the sea monkeys are almost invisible to the untrained human eye. I told Rich that you make life, then you subsequently destroy it a few weeks later when you run out of food and have no desire to buy more to feed your lame ‘pets’. Then the sea monkeys have a special trip down the kitchen drain and go on to become giant mutant crustaceans in the sewers. Remember this next time you find yourself stuck in a sewer. All those disposed of sea monkeys are just waiting for their chance for revenge. Hmmm….this post certainly took a turn for the weird, didn’t it?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $10


Clip of the Day:

Basically the same thing I just wrote about in audio version:


P.S. – Either the sea monkeys in this video are on steroids or I just never have had the patience to keep them that long to grow that big.