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May 15th Holiday


Knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, tights, sheer toe, sheer to the waist, reinforced toe, full support…these are all familiar terms to women looking to buy some nylon stockings. Nylon is a synthetic material that revolutionized women’s fashion back in the 1940’s. Today, they come in every color and design imaginable. At my workplace, we are required to wear nylons when we are in business dress except in the hot summer months. I personally am a big fan of nylons. Actually, tights (the thicker more opaque version) are more my speed. They make your legs look nicer and, in my case, less pasty white! For today’s holiday I thought I would do a little dye job on a few old pairs I have sitting in my drawer:

The pair of very light pink tights were purchased for Scooby-Doo Day when I was dressing up like Daphne. She wears pink tights and these were the pinkest I could find at that moment in time. When they are worn, they look white. The other ones are a pair I bought several years ago when I was looking for a gold pair of nylon/tights. These look good in theory, but when worn they have a more greenish/gold hue…ick. I read online that nylon can be dyed with Kool-Aid. Let’s give it a go! I decided to just dye the gold ones fully, but I wanted a tie-dye effect on the pink ones:

I wanted to use purple, but we didn’t have grape flavor on hand. So, instead I decided to mix the red and blue and see what happens.

I hung them outside to dry since it was such a pretty day:

The final product:

I really like how the gold ones turned out. They are a sassy maroon now and I may actually wear them again. The other ones look more like I have a flesh eating disease on my legs. I suppose if I am planning on dressing up like a zombie any time soon, these will come in handy!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

All the clips I found about nylons and pantyhose seemed wildly inappropriate for this blog. So, enjoy this Justin Bieber video instead:

P.S. – I can be your Buzz Lightyear fly across the globe.