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May 10th Holiday


Depending on how I look at this, today’s holiday could not have come at a better, or worse, time. I desperately needed to clean up my room, but I also have been so incredibly burnt out on cleaning up EVERYTHING that I just really needed a break. I feel like we have been trapped in a land of boxes lately and that we are never going to unpack everything. I know, I know, we have been in the house less than a week, I can’t expect miracles. I am just very impatient with stuff like that. I had a mini-mental breakdown today about all the stress and changes. Rich talked me off the ledge and reminded me that we are doing the best we can and everything will get done in due time. Good thing we are both Libras, we always manage to balance each other out. I did manage to tackle the daunting task of at least putting all my clothes away. You don’t realize how much crap you have until you have to stuff it in boxes, move it and then shove it somewhere new. Here is a before picture of what our bedroom looked like: 

This is not even as bad as it actually was to be completely honest. There were a few other boxes/containers also full of clothes downstairs that just had not been brought up to the room yet. Plus, as you will notice, I am only showing you a portion of the bedroom….now do you see why I am going crazy?!?! I dedicated some time after Roman went to sleep and I got everything put in its place finally:

Disclaimer – that bookshelf is not even supposed to be there, it just happened to end up in our room and that was a good place to put it. Second Disclaimer – I have not even begun to think about the décor (which is the stuff that I actually like to do!) so all that random stuff you see piled up on the bookshelf is simply there temporarily. Don’t judge me. I swear in a few weeks (or more realistically, months) things will be pretty and homey, just how I have dreamed. It is nice to get stuff put away though, it creates a sense of calmness and clarity. I want to give special thank you to my husband today for helping clean up/make dinner/unpack. You’re the best. Thanks for making my cleaning day a little bit easier to celebrate!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

I found it highly amusing that when I typed ‘clean up your room’ into YouTube about a zillion different DIY videos came up. This was one of my favorites:


P.S. – Do people really search for DIY videos on how to clean their room?? That seems like a colossal waste of valuable cleaning time.