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May 7th Holiday


Today was the first day I ever recall trying coconut cream pie. I picked one up from the local Meijer during my grocery shopping trip:

REAL whipped cream!! Wowza!! Coconut cream pie had never interested me for some reason. I like coconut, I like cream and I like pie. So, you would think that I would like the combination of all three, right? Hmmm…not so much. It wasn’t terrible or anything, just not really that great. My suspicions about how it was going to taste were confirmed….I feel like it tasted like suntan lotion:

I gave Roman a little slice too. He ate the crust, but he just squished the rest of it in his hands and then whined when he couldn’t get it off:

Rich was working a shift during today’s holiday so he didn’t get to participate. Don’t worry though, he has single-handedly consumed the remaining pieces of pie as of today. He likes pie….a lot.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $6.99


Song of the Day:

The Pie Song:


P.S. – I will now have nightmares about pie tonight thanks to this song.