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May 6th Holiday


I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about nurses. Some think they are all crabby witches, some think they like to inflict pain upon people and others believe they are the unsung heroes of the medical world.

I believe a little bit of each of the categories. Before all you nurses start freaking out about my judgment, hear me out. I believe a lot of nurses may come off as crabby because they are the ones that are working the hardest and getting paid the least. They are the ones that are dealing with the crazy people, they are the ones that work ridiculous shifts and are on their feet the entire time and they are the ones that are essentially doing all of the grunt work before the doctor comes in. So, I understand why some nurses may be a little cranky. The part about inflicting pain is mainly about the fact that I would never be able to do what a lot of nurses have to do. I know when my husband was going through Paramedic school, he was really into (and still is) putting IVs into people. Ick. I would never let him practice on me because I have notoriously tiny veins. When I went to have Roman, I got poked about 3 or 4 times (one resulting in a massive bruise/swelling on my hand) before they got that beastly needle into me. Needless to say, the nurse didn’t seem too apologetic. I understand that I am a hard case though, so I will always cut them some slack. She did what she had to do and I understand that. Last but not least, nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical world. As I pointed out above, nurses really get a bad wrap sometimes. They have to deal with a lot of crap before the doctor even enters the room. I’m not discounting doctors by any means, but today is Nurses Day so they are getting all the credit for this holiday. Next time you have to go to the doctor or the emergency room, remember to thank the nurses. They are working much harder than the doctors and they probably get thanked much much less. Thank you to all the nurses out there for all that you do!

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P.S. – I love this show….I miss my premium tv!!!!