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May 3rd Holiday


Today’s holiday was easy to celebrate. As you all saw with one of my previous posts, I have an extensive collection of Converse All Stars in a wide range of colors. I picked two different colored shoes and matched my outfit to them:

I felt a little silly wearing such a matchy matchy outfit, but at the same time it was fun:

I thought people would ask me why I was wearing two different colored shoes or even ask me if I realized I was not wearing a matching pair. I had all these smart comments prepared to respond with such as, “Why AREN’T you wearing two different colored shoes?” or “Oh my goodness, I totally didn’t notice when I got dressed this morning!” No one asked me though. Instead I got a much different reaction than I expected. A lot of people just told me how ‘cute’ I looked with my super color coordinated outfit. Hmmmm…I wasn’t anticipating those comments. Maybe everyone was just being nice to me since I’m getting fatter more pregnant by the second. They don’t want to question a highly hormonal chick about why her shoes don’t match. Either way, the purpose of today’s holiday is to do something fun and unique. Mission accomplished!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

A little video about today’s holiday:


P.S. – Cute!