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May 1st Holiday


Yay, May is here! Typically in our area of the country we consider May to be the first nice month of the year. April is always rainy and prior to that it is just plain cold. May Day is a holiday that goes way back to ancient cultures. The main reason for it is to usher in the Spring season. Some celebrations include dancing around the maypole and crowning the Queen of May. I found that a more modern way to participate in May Day is to make May baskets. These are baskets filled with flowers or treats and left at your neighbors’ doorsteps. I had intentions of doing this, but then some circumstances changed my mind. I sent Rich on a flower gathering mission (aka – pick up some flowers at the grocery store). He came home with this:

Ah, the Spring Sensation Bouquet – perfect! Roman had to check them out to make sure they were acceptable:

Shortly after this we found out that someone was coming to look at our house. Eek! We went into turbo cleaning mode (it is HIGHLY difficult to keep a house showroom clean while trying to pack/move and dealing with a 17 month old mini-hurricane…). I decided that the fresh flowers were a nice Springy touch and decided to put them in a vase and keep them in the house for the showing:

Guess what? We heard back from the agent after the showing and she said that the woman who came to see the house was impressed and our house ‘shows very well’! Would ya look at that? Fresh flowers + smelly candles = a sold house (not quite yet, but hopefully soon!) All my little tricks are starting to pay off. Happy May!!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $9.99

Clip of the Day:

A clip from the movie Wicker Man, including a creepy song/dance and a maypole:


P.S. – I think I saw the remake of this movie with Nicholas Cage….I remember it being bizarre, but not this bizarre….