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May 2nd Holiday


I haven’t had a chocolate holiday in a while, so this one was more than welcome in my world today. I wanted to get some special truffles to I took to the mall during my lunch break at work. There were 2 places to choose from: Godiva or Sanders. I decided to keep it local and give my hard-earned cash to the Michigan based candy shop, Sanders:

I realized they didn’t sell pre-packaged truffles and I had to actually pick them out of the display case. There were about 9 or 10 different types and I knew I could not decide. I asked for a 1/2 pound of assorted truffles and left it up to the clerk to mix and match. Here is what these little chocolate gems looked like:

Almost too pretty to eat….almost. Since it clearly states on the box ‘chocolate worth sharing’, that is what I did:

Everyone who entered my office was offered a truffle. I definitely enjoyed more than a couple as well. Although, I really do not need any help adding to my suddenly popped out belly (here is the obligatory prego pic):

I seriously had about a dozen people comment on how ‘pregnant’ I was looking today….I am starting to get worried about how huge I am going to get this time around. It’s going to be a looooong, hooooot summer. Good thing I know I can always get some high quality chocolates to appease my cravings. Truffle Day basically means 2-3 extra added pounds at my next doctor’s appointment….yum.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $14 – quality is NOT cheap!

Clip of the Day:



P.S. – Dude, Chunk has got nothing on my belly these days!