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April 29th Holiday


As some of you may have noticed, I like to do a lot of crafty stuff. When I have a holiday that I am not sure how to celebrate, I typically do a Google search for crafts that can relate to that day. There is pretty much always some type of project I can find that incorporates any holiday. For Zipper Day, I was quite impressed with the number of cool crafts that exist with zippers. Here were a couple sites I came across:



Oooooh, lots of fun ideas! I had a few stipulations with today’s craft right off the bat. I had to find one that did not involve sewing as my trusty sewing machine is packed away in a box somewhere. I cannot WAIT to be done with moving…but then the unpacking begins…boo. I also have not one, but two hot glue guns probably in that same box. So, I either had the option to dig through boxes until I found what I needed or suck it up and find a craft that used what I had available or buy whatever I was missing. I decided I really liked the zipper flowers. They used the least amount of materials, but they did require a hot glue gun. Sooooooo….hot glue gun #3 was purchased! If anyone ever needs to borrow one of these bad boys, I have a couple to spare. Good thing they are so cheap. I perused the zipper selection at the craft store and settled on the classic black and silver. I got to work gluing up a storm. Here are what my base pieces looked like:

The project was actually pretty easy and I was very happy with the final result:

Now I have a nifty and unique brooch to wear for next year’s Zipper Day, yay!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $10.50 (the glue gun and glue tacked on the extra $5.50).

Clip of the Day:

I am quite sure I have used this clip before (I can’t even remember anymore), but it is still funny and it fit today’s holiday perfectly:

P.S. – ZIP IT!