Most visited post – April 20th – Love My Hubby

April 2nd – Tangible Karma Day – Apparently my good karma came back to me since we ended up closing on our house this month, yay!

April 8th – Easter – I don’t believe I mentioned anything about how I did with my Lent goals. I will confess that I did cave one other time (other than the ‘free day’ I gave myself) and ate some fast food right before Easter. Have I kept up my goal of not eating fast food since after Easter? No. That’s all I have to say about that.

April 25th – Red Hat Society Day – My Scarlet Cap Posse is gaining popularity rapidly. I would suggest if you are an almost-30-something female you better jump on this bandwagon quick!

Total amount spent celebrating the month: $74.94

Most expensive holiday this month: Tangible Karma Day – $20

My personal favorite holiday celebration this month: Movie Theatre Day