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April 28th Holiday


A human’s sense of smell is very connected to both memories and feelings. This is interesting. This is why smelling something can take you back to when you were 5 years old, or remind you of a specific place or person. I used today’s holiday to improve our current house smell. Not to say it smells bad or anything, but it is on the market and I want to make sure if there are any showings that it smells as pleasant as possible. No one wants to buy a house that smell likes dirty diapers, cat litter or bacon. I know bacon smells good, but not so much 5 hours after you cook it and the greasy stench is lingering. I did a little research and it turns out that people like the smell of baked goods in a house. No problem there! I cooked up a little recipe I found for Cinnamon Pull Apart Muffins  http://www.wendyseewendydo.com/2012/03/cinnamon-sugar-pull-apart-muffins.html:

Cinnamon, sugar, butter? Talk about some delectable smells! They did smell good AND they tasted good too. Since my sense of taste is super connected to my sense of smell this all makes perfect sense (get it?) for today’s holiday. To make sure things were smelling extra sweet, I also lit one of my favorite candles:

These are seriously the best smelling candles on the market today, I am obsessed. I like the apple scent best, but this caramel one is pretty darn amazing too. Now at least I know I can be confident that our house smells good when people are in here mulling around.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2.89

Clip of the Day:

One of the most famous movie quotes about smell:


P.S. – Smells like…victory.