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April 25th Holiday


I will admit, I wasn’t all that sure how to go about celebrating today’s holiday. I tried, in vain, to find an appropriate and moderately priced red hat, but I was unsuccessful. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but I have a feeling all the ladies that are members of this special society snatch up red hats like they are going out of style. Instead, I decided to celebrate simply by finding out what this organization is all about. I will be honest and tell you all up front that I thought it was just a bunch of mature women who like to get together and party it up. My assumptions were not that far off. I found out that the Red Hat Society is a group for women, mainly over 50 years of age, that were looking for other women who could relate to them and their position in life. I did find some info that indicated it was a support group of sorts for women who have lost a spouse/significant other or a child. I don’t think this is a mandatory requirement though. The mission of the RHS is as follows:

We are a global society of women that supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment, and fitness.

Fun – we celebrate life at every age

Friendship – we solidify and expand the bonds of sisterhood

Freedom – we discover and explore new interests

Fulfillment – we realize our personal potential

Fitness – we embrace healthy, life-lengthening lifestyles

The Red Hat Society has become the international society dedicated to reshaping the way women are viewed in today’s culture.

Now, I see that it says “life at every age” but this society is clearly for a specific sector. This thought was solidified when I saw that the standard ensemble for women over 50 is the red hat and purple dress while for the women under the age of 50 it is a pink hat and lavender dress. Therefore, you are not up to the seniority of the actual red hat until you pass your half century mark. Currently there are over 80,000 members in 30 countries. These women hold special events and have a worldwide support base. Membership into the society is $39 per year. Obviously I have a few years until I reach RHS status. It is nice to know that there is an organization out there specifically for women that is solely based on sisterhood. Maybe when I reach my twilight years I will think about joining this group. Or, me and my lifelong girl posse can just create our own society and totally copycat off of this one. That sounds like a more exciting plan!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

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P.S. – What do you think ladies? Scarlet Cap Posse in 20 years??