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April 24th Holiday


I have a funny story about today’s holiday. Pigs in a blanket are commonplace at any holiday function we have over at my Grandma’s house. We have never referred to them as pigs in a blanket though. For some reason, years ago, we started calling them ‘dos weiners’. You have to say it with a German accent though so it actually sounds like ‘dos veiners’. I asked Rich how this all started and he told me he can’t remember exactly. Between Rich, my brother and my Dad, ‘dos weiners’ was proclaimed and it stuck. So, for today’s holiday we enjoyed some homemade ‘dos weiners’. They are probably one of the easiest snacks to make. It only takes 2 ingredients: 

Pop ’em in the oven to get nice and toasty warm: 

The finished product: Delish! I didn’t take any pics of Rich and I eating them, but I did snap a shot of Roman (he’s much cuter than us so it’s more fun to post pictures of him): 

Next time you have some pigs in a blanket I hope you remember the proper name now is ‘dos weiners’. I’m thinking we should patent this, I have a feeling it is going to catch on.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4.80


Clip of the Day:

GERMAN pigs in a blanket!!! Can this be any more perfect?


P.S. – Dos Weiners!