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April 23rd Holiday


Monday night at the movies….or at home. Since it was just me and Roman tonight, we decided to have a special movie night in our very own living room. I got a kid friendly movie that I thought Roman would enjoy, Puss In Boots. He likes cats, he likes cartoons, it was a match made in heaven. I also got some Jiffy Pop to make the evening extra special: 

Roman is obsessed with popcorn, or ‘copcom’ as he likes to call it. He was especially impressed with the Jiffy Pop on the stove, this was new and exciting to him: 

Here he is going facedown in his movie night treat: 

The movie was pretty good. I am rather impressed with the kiddie movies these days, they make them entertaining enough to not drive parents crazy. Roman liked it too. He kept pointing and saying ‘kitty’ through about half of the film. You think he would have gotten tired of saying that….he didn’t. Here is a pic of us enjoying our movie night (Roman was still stuffing his face with popcorn): 

Although we didn’t go to a real movie theatre tonight, we had a delightful movie night in.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4

Clip of the Day:

The funniest scene from today’s movie:


P.S. – These animators take this stuff real seriously, hiring choreographers for the dancing and everything!