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April 21st Holiday


We’re going to play a wonderful game called… “Who is your daddy and what does he do?” How would you feel if you took your kids to kindergarten and Arnold Schwarzenegger was the teacher? Hmm….yeah, I think I would be a little afraid. If you are completely confused as to what I am talking about, I’m referencing the epic blockbuster (exaggeration) Kindergarten Cop. I personally like this movie, the kids are hilarious. I would not be able to handle a classroom of kindergarteners. I would have that major freak out moment like Arnie does and just start screaming SHUT UP! Children would cry, I would be fired, that’s the end of that story. One child is good enough for me, I’m pretty scared about how things are going to go with two…but that’s another topic. I remember a few things about my kindergarten days.

1.      I discovered that boys are mean. On one of my first days of kindergarten 2 boys tag teamed my totally rad waffle house and took that baby down for no apparent reason.

2.      I discovered that boys are mean to girls that they like. Hey, I was quite the catch back when I was 5 years old….quiet and shy with long, flowing blond hair.

That pretty much sums up my memories of kindergarten. As you can see, I don’t remember a whole lot. That waffle house incident obviously had a big impact on me that year. To celebrate today’s holiday I had Roman participate in a few kindergarten-like activities:

Coloring inside the lines...sort of...

Sensory play.

Snack time!

Alright, maybe these are more along the lines of preschool, but bear with me. I see that Roman, at the ripe old age of 17 months, is not quite cut out for older children play just yet. Especially since most of what could have been heard in my house during these activities was, “No, Roman, don’t eat that.” “Get that out of your mouth.” “Keep the crayons on the paper.” “Spit it out!” Hey, at least he figured out snack time!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

A clip for the sweet movie I referenced today:


P.S. – It’s not a tumor!