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April 17th Holiday


Blah blah blah, I hear a lot of this on a daily basis. The goal of today’s holiday is to finally do all of the things that people have been nagging you about. Things such as stop smoking, lose weight, clean your room, you get the idea. I don’t have too many people in my life that regularly nag me about things. Well, my mom is the Queen of Nagging (sorry Mom, but you know it’s true) but now that I am an adult she doesn’t bother me too much. My husband does not nag at all. It is usually me nagging him….I suppose I inherited this from my mom, huh? I would said the person who is the hardest on me in my life is myself. I constantly make lists of things that need to get done and am always planning a project of some sort. I tell myself I need to exercise, eat better, save more money….I could go on forever. Lately, most people have been telling me to just relax, slow down, don’t stress out as much. I also have my OB doctor that just keeps telling me to eat all the time. I guess they want you to gain a ton of weight in the beginning so then they can tell you to knock it off when you get towards the end of your pregnancy…great, huh? To quell the blah blah blah in my own head for today’s holiday, I took some initiative and crossed off a few of my ‘to dos’. First, during my lunch break I jetted over to our new house and painted a second coat of paint in the kitchen. Ahhhh, the convenience of living so close to work. This was to appease my inner monologue telling me to get more stuff done at the new house. Then, later in the evening I took it easy. This was to take the advice of my friends and family and just rest for a bit. Of course I forgot to take pictures today. To give you something visual, here is the color that we painted the kitchen:

Here is an example of what I looked like ‘taking it easy’ after Roman went to bed: 

Minus the beer, of course. Blah blah blah all you want, maybe all the nagging will finally get through to the person you are annoying. Or maybe they will just get really irritated and decide to do the exact opposite of what you are blah blah blahing about….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day: 

Blah Blah Blah, could it be any more obvious?

P.S. – What the heck happened to Ke$ha? She was thisclose to going off into crazy town, maybe that’s where she is….