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April 15th Holiday


I’m sure everyone has been inundated with Titanic stuff lately. The movie has come back to the theaters, there have been numerous TV specials and there is even a special exhibit right now at The Henry Ford museum.

The reason why all of this is happening now is because April 15, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the ghastly Titanic disaster. April 15th also commemorates a lot of other sucky events as well. It is Tax Day in the U.S., which I know is not a pleasant day for many.

Since it fell on a Sunday this year, everyone was given an extra day to procrastinate about filing their taxes. Also on this date in history, Abraham Lincoln died.

Well then. I’m sorry for anyone that has April 15th as a birthday since it universally seems to be a bad day. I wasn’t sure how to celebrate this day. I could either embrace the suckiness or try to make it not seem so bad. I actually would like to see Titanic again in the theater, but I’m not so keen on the whole 3D thing. My mom and I had already went to the Titanic artifact exhibit when it was at The Henry Ford many years ago. It must have been not too long after the movie originally premiered and there was all the crazy Titanic buzz. I guess they are riding the movie wave again to bring in a couple bucks. I was very against the TV movie version of Titanic, that just looked sad to me. Rich turned it on for a few minutes and then promptly declared, “This sucks.” How appropriate for today’s holiday! So, I guess  you can see I am just residing to the fact that today sucks. Sometimes days are just bad, that’s all there is to it. Embrace the suckiness. That is my motto for today’s holiday. If your ship is going down, just go with it. If you have to pay the government a ton of money, better luck next year. If you happen to be assassinated today, well that really sucks for you. Near, far, wherever you are….your heart will go on (well, maybe). Yep, that just happened.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

I have to use the epic Titanic song naturally:


P.S. – I’ll never let go!