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April 8th Holiday


Easter, the official holiday of Spring. The day when all the little kiddies dress up in their fancy dresses and suits, get strung out on chocolate bunnies and go on an egg hunt. We celebrated Easter pretty much the same as we do every year. Except my parents got a little bit crazy with the Easter goodies for Roman this time around. He also had his first ever Easter egg hunt, which was more like ‘go pick up the plastic eggs we put in plain sight in the backyard’. He didn’t really grasp the concept all that well, but he was quite pleased to find snacks hidden within his findings. Rich and I got Roman a modest Easter basket and ‘hid’ it (again…plain sight) for him in the morning. I cooled it on the candy and chocolate, but don’t worry my parents more than made up for the lack of sweets. We feasted on the standard holiday fare of ham and potatoes and enjoyed some quality time with the family. Here are some pics of the festivities:

Hope you all had a Hoppy (ha ha, get it?) Easter!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $10


Clip of the Day:

Puppy Easter!


P.S. – Cuteness overload!!!